Tuesday Apr 30th, 2024

Deploying the AI solution for imposter-fraud risk detection

Client: US Government Agency 

Industry: Insurance, Social Service Program

Products: VoxEQ Verify 

Country: USA

When a US Federal Agency with insurance-like responsibilities investigated innovative technologies to improve and protect their call- based communications, it tapped VoxEQ's AI powered solutions to identify risk factors early in the call to safeguard citizens, boost performance and improve outcomes.

imposter fraud risk detection


Fraudsters are increasing the number of impersonation attacks through call centers (account take over) by using personal data purchased on the dark web, social engineering, and even deep faked voices. These attackers also expanded targets to include agencies not typically victimized before.

The challenge is to find a solution to help government agency call centers quickly and accurately predict whether the caller is truly the customer, lawyer, social worker, other authorized representative – or an attacker. In any language and in real time. At scale and low cost.



Leverage VoxEQ Verify service to ensure and confirm identify and thwart fraudulent actors early in the call, often before the agent engages, when the cost and the risk are lowest. All in a privacy preserving manner that protects agencies and their clients, while also reducing call handling time.

AI at Scale

Utilization 500% higher than projected. Scaled smoothly through surges and spikes with no agent or client friction

Better AI

Most effective voice tools on the market. Trained and tested on the broadest set of demographics, voices and languages

Faster AI

Slashed hundreds of staff hours by shrinking the ID & Verification process. One day, ‘Light-Touch’ implementation

Capitol Bridge deployed the VoxEQ solution for this US Federal government agency with great success. Implementation took only one day. The vendor’s API is stable and reliable, even during maintenance updates. The system performed flawlessly through a significant surge in call volume. We also appreciate the vendor’s approach to data privacy which allows us to serve the strictest jurisdictions in the US and EU. We are enthusiastically - and quickly - offering the VoxEQ solutions to the rest of our public sector client base.

Chris MacTaggart, Chief Technology Officer, Capital Bridge