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A Next Generation Re-imagining of Privacy Preserving Identity Verification

VoxEQ offers world class and proprietary artificial intelligence tools to understand the person behind the voice – with extremely high accuracy - to better address expensive and complex business and security challenges, in a privacy protected manner. As account takeover, Identity theft and fraud proliferate in critical sectors, existing solutions are not keeping pace with the tools, tactics, and traits of bad actors. VoxEQ reduces Account Takeover (ATO) and fraud incidents, false positive rates, and agent time per call.

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Physiology, not speech based:

Voice communicates so much more than words; holding critical information, distinctions, micro-features, and bio-markers unavailable elsewhere

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Privacy preserving, customer first approach:

High fidelity, passive voice authentication without the need for personally identifiable information

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Language agnostic, text independence and real time:

In only a few seconds, VoxEQ extracts valuable profile information about the speaker from the bio-signals generated from their voice, instantly. No special phrases or transcribing required

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No voice enrollees, no problem:

VoxEQ provides results that can be used with, or without, voice prints on file

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VoxEQ provides critical insights by reading several different key signals, delivering higher accuracy than single factor solutions in the market today.

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Review past calls:

Analyze existing enrolled or archived voiceprints in bulk batches or one-off to vet for fraudsters already ‘poisoning the well’

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Seamless integration:

On-premises deployment or via the largest cloud-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Contact Center as a Service (CSaaS) providers

We spend a lot of time talking to, and working with, large banks, insurers, online platforms, and others. They all have critical fraud and security issues and though there are products in market to help, many find that these products are not up to the task; too many false positives, too many false negatives, too opaque, too rigid in tuning for their specific business needs, or too large for the level of service or customization required. VoxEQ is different. Reach out for a demo, to discuss a pilot engagement or to learn more.

– Jack Caven, CEO, VoxEQ

The top 10 banks receive 44 Million calls a day, 29 thousand are fraud.
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