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Custom-built AI models to power faster than real-time voice analysis, identifying demographics of unknown callers - with only seconds of audio, in real time.


Persona offers the highest 'predictive' accuracy of "demographics from voice" commercially available. Activate customer segmentation strategies -with unknown callers- to enable and optimize upselling, cross-selling and customer service at your In-house Call Center,  Customer Care Call Centers, or via your Workforce Management, Dynamic Coaching or Scripting providers and Business Process Outsourcing firms.

Key Features

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Physiology, Not Speech Based

Voice communicates so much more than words; holding critical information distinctions, micro-features, and bio-markers unavailable elsewhere

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Real Time

Works with only a few seconds of voice. Five seconds of speech with insights before the sixth

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Highest Predictive Accuracy

Our commitment to quality results in unwavering. We do not release capabilities until we achieve better than 'state of the art' results (including, where we can, testing against other solutions). In addition, our products signal our confidence in each result we provide

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Seamless Integration

On premises deployment or via the largest cloud-based Platform as a Service (SaaS) and Contact Center as a Service (CSaaS) providers

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Easily Scalable

Simple code and processes means Persona is ideal for a hundred calls a month or a million

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Price Competitive

The most economically viable way to glean actionable insights about callers from the first interaction

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Optimize Upselling and Cross-selling

Knowing your customers while you have their attention provides new opportunities to serve them


Language Agnostic

Because we are listening for the anatomical and physiological traits revealed through voice, our products work in any language and can be deployed around the world

VoxEQ's Persona presents the most advanced demographics-from-voice capabilities for sales, marketing, call center agents and voicebots. Informs predictive agent routing, coaching and scripting - enabling and unlocking upselling and cross-selling opportunities

How Persona Works

An inbound call is answered by the agent or IVR

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The agent or the IVR/IVA prompts the caller with a question (e.g. "how can I help?")

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Via its API, VoxEQ analyzes the callers voice in the first  seconds of the call

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In real time, Vox EQ's Persona tool provides the agent with predictive demographics (e.g. age, gender, other) of the caller - based on their voice

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The agent continues with the caller, equipped with information that helps them optimize customer service outcomes and more relevant upsell or cross-sell opportunities