AI Ethics Statement

Core values for ethical AI at VoxEQ. Q2 2024


VoxEQ is sensitive to the privacy and fairness concerns of all people who interact with our software and models.

It is our intent to: collect only as much data as required to achieve the accuracy required by our customers; store and cross index data responsibly; train and use models in a manner that reduces the potential for bias.


The following are examples for how VoxEQ supports these core values:

Product Design

  • Design products with the goal to eliminate societal AI bias
  • Not sell, monetize, or barter biometric information to 3rd parties

Product Data Collection:

  • Collect and use data in an ethical manner
  • Do not attach personal identifiers to biometric data

Product Commercialization:

  • Provide labels and risk scores, not the actual biometric information
  • Not share more data than necessary to deliver the product

Product Data Storage:

  • Design product data storage to protect clients and individuals from harm in the event of a data breach
  • Utilize a data destruction policy to meet or exceed law

Ethical AI is an important, complex, and evolving matter as the societal conversation unfolds. VoxEQ will date its statements and update versions as needed. For the latest version, please see